The Art Of Shooting A Short Reflexed Bow With A Thumb Ring

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author: Adam Swoboda, 172 pages, full color, index, 9.29″x6.38″x0.71″ (23.6cmx16.2cmx1.8cm), sewn hard cover. ISBN 978-83-933621-1-0.


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13 reviews for The Art Of Shooting A Short Reflexed Bow With A Thumb Ring

  1. Adam Radziun

    I started to practise the art of shooting with an eastern reflexed bow using a thumb ring 5 years ago.We can also measure this period differently by using a phrase known to all novice archers – 7 thumb rings ago.After reading Adam Swoboda’s book, I can state with certainty that everything is still ahead of me.For the last week, in the evenings, I have been practising the techniques described by Adam including thumb rings,etc.It turned out that I do not need an arrow rest,I wonder which bow grasp is better the 13 or maybe the 30….. and if 69 is better whether it is straight or obligue!It is wonderful that such a professional book on traditional archery has been published in Poland.It is also fantastic that it has been written by someone who has explored the arcana of this forgotten art.Thanks to this, we can feel the tension of history under our thumb.

    In Adam’s book, there are not only hints which explain what and how,but also what is more important – the explanation why.The theme is based on ancient texts and in combination with the author’s experience it constitutes a great source of knowledge about shooting techniques, reflexed bows, arrows and finally about the injuries caused by mistakes.
    The book’s layout, excellent paper, typesetting and great photographs add zest to a harmonious whole! It is a splendid ‘manual’ both for novices of eastern archery, as well as for experienced archers and also for those who are just on the point of stepping out on to this winding bow path which produces effects in the form of arrows hitting the target.
    Thank you Adam!

  2. Piotr Gonet – the Chairman of the Polish Association of Traditional Archery

    Having read the book,I must admit that Adam has created an impressive work.I think that this book will help all beginners ( and not only them) to understand the mechanics of the shot and choose a suitable technique and a thumb ring.I recommend it.

  3. Barbara

    The book is fantastically produced!I could not have expected that, in addition to this, it ranks as a great specialised reference work:-)…. and it is so alluring

  4. Daniel Mizielinski

    I spent the last two evenings holding Adam’s book in one hand and a tighten bow in the other. I tried out some grasps, I learned to count in Arabic and I wondered whether to start shooting with a thumb ring. Yes, yes. I do not shoot with a thumb ring [….] therefore I had to read some fragments several times so that I could eventually achieve some blissful understanding.Of course, it does not mean that the text is heavy to read. Quite the opposite. All the instructions are well – illustrated with photographs,the language is concise and matter-of-fact. Even very complex positions are clearly presented (though I would recommend reading the book and holding a bow in your hand so that you can verify every instruction). Adam floods us with knowledge and this is certainly not a book to be read once and never picked up again. The amount of hints, advice, instructions, historical news and anecdotes is enormous.It is a very professional work which pays a lot of attention to details[…..]

  5. Hauke Gipp

    The books[…]I have been reading already. Great book! It covers all the important topics and more … Thanks again.

  6. Thomas Flasky

    As a beginning archer, I am exceedingly happy with this book. It’s well written and I am learning a lot! I know that when I finish reading it, I will start to read it again. There is an incredible amount of information which is great.

  7. Adam

    The book which was sent to me by post took me by surprise. I had seen the table of contents earlier, I had also received the scans of several pages, but it exceeded all my expectations. I was holding a wonderfully published compendium of bow shooting with the aid of a thumb ring. In the book, one can see not only the impressive effort put into gathering the material but also the artistic soul of the author.The photographs taken by Danuta (Adam’s charming wife) complement the whole. The material included in the publication contains hundreds of years of notes on how to use a thumb ring, derived from various sources. What I have read and seen in an illustrated form refers to the material I had managed to find earlier only in a trimmed variant somewhere on the Internet [….].Adam Swoboda’s book is a pearl in my collection of archery books being the only one which apart from its immense knowledge fulfils my expectations of beauty

    Adam,thank you for this work from which one can gain so much knowledge and delight the eyes with such unique graphics and printing.

  8. Kasper Hood

    The book is beautifully produced( the paper,the pictures and the binding ) the chapter layout is very good,the references and footnotes to other parts of the text make information easy to find.I do not want to make any pronouncements about the text as I have too little knowledge of the subject and I am only learning.I will probably not use eastern techniques to shoot in the future but, nevertheless, I regard the book as a masterpiece.

  9. Rob Pawelczak

    I will allow myself a few words…….Being over 40 years old I would like to try archery.I am therefore a complete layman in this subject and I am not able to write anything about the richness of the comments and hints contained in your book.I must, however,respectfully express my regard for another reason.I was brought up to respect books in general.Taking up your book, I can see an interesting hard cover,that the sewn pages are made of good quality paper,the printing is interesting and the photographs are well-chosen. Finally, something which evokes my great admiration: a fantastic methodology – teaching ‘step by step’ on the subject.

    I owe you a deep debt of gratitude.

  10. Batu

    […] Having read the book for the first time ( after recovering my composure today, I am going to read it for a second time and probably it will not be the last) I can state with a clear conscience that Adam has performed a gigantic work creating this compendium of thumb ring shooting. The book is useful not only for novices, but also for those like me who have been sweating over a thumb ring for years and THEORETICALLY successfully. I write ‘theoretically’, because the number of mistakes I make, and can identify and correct thanks to this work,cause me to realise my imperfections. Oh, there will be a lot to work on …
    A book which is certainly worth recommending!

  11. Extern

    It is a very interesting book which can certainly help to discover your own technique of shooting.It accurately describes several archery stances,bow grasping techniques,clenching,anchoring points and all of this in the context of different body types ( up until now I had not realised that it was of such great significance).A particularly interesting chapter for me was the one devoted to the construction and mechanics of a thumb ring.It made me understand why the string damages my index finger and why my handmade thumb ring causes calluses.

  12. Marcel Lazar

    I received your book way faster than expected. It’s worth every penny.
    I want to congratulate you for your efforts to put this fine book together.

  13. SALETÖR GÖKTAN AMIT P RAO (verified owner)

    Adam Swoboda’s book is one of the best books I have read; I could hardly put it down on my first perusal. I have been, as a person of Türkomen heritage and a practitioner of “Horseback Archery” (as it’s popularly called now in English, completely astounded as to how much information Mr Swoboda has crammed into a book of 172 pages. I was also pleasantly pleased that the hardback book was formatted perfectly, illustrated beautifully with color photographs and black & white illustrations (where appropriate).

    My advice to those who are new to Asiatic Archery (and to those of intermediate or even advanced level) is to purchase this gem of a book before it goes out of print. Trust me: you will not regret purchasing it. To those who feel that they feel that they “know it all” and there is nothing anyone could teach them, this book WILL make you change your mind; whilst I must advise you to lease not forget the fact that we never stop learning till the day we leave this World.

    I thank Mr Swoboda for writing his book so that this knowledge is not lost or forgotten & wish him “All the Best & God bless!” for his journey in Asiatic Archery. I wish the prospective readers of the book the same, too. 🙏

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